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Harry Potter Addicts

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Welcome to a community dedicated to the breathtaking book (and movie) series known as Harry Potter.

** Come post your icons, banners, wallpapers or other fan-art. Talk about the books and movies, analyze and just have a good time. Respect each other (obviously) and no flame wars. At all.

** If you're posting a video or large graphic, please place it behind a cut. Some people are unable to get anything other than dial-up, so it just makes it easier.

** You can post up to 5 icons and/or thumbnails outside of a cut. Please make these HP related

** You can advertise for your community here as long as it is Harry Potter related, but try to keep it to a post or two (per community), and no more than two posts about the community per month. If there are more than two posts about the same community in a month, the excessive posts will be deleted without warning

** TAG YOUR POSTS!!!!!! I can't possibly say how much this matters. There is a LONG list of tags to use, and if you don't see one, make a statement in your post that a certain tag is needed, or message me. The community is huge and to make navigation of the archives easier, please please please please tag your posts

Any questions, ask me (nabba)!!!

contact me about becoming an affiliate
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